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How to Apply for a Police Character Certificate With Easy Steps

Old Process: This process is not applicable now. The new process was introduced in June 2023.

Please check this new article on How to Apply for a Police Character Certificate Online in Pakistan.

What is a Police Character Certificate?

A character Certificate, Police Clearance Certificate, or Police Character Certificate is required for traveling abroad, immigration, study abroad, jobs abroad, and nationality. Before the establishment of Police Khidmat Markaz obtaining a Police Character Certificate was a very difficult and time-consuming process not only for the general public but also for the police. Police Khidmat Markaz has made it simple and very time-efficient.

It is a mandatory step for Pakistanis to obtain a Police Character Certificate before visiting any of Europe’s countries. This is all our fault, we have imposed this on ourselves because of our bad behavior abroad. A police Clearance Certificate makes sure you have no criminal record or you are not a fugitive. Punjab Police provides us with service through Police Khidmat Markaz to obtain a Police Character Certificate in easy steps.

How to Apply Police Character Certificate Other than Residential City?

The best thing about the Character Certificate is citizens can apply for a Character Certificate from any Police Khidmat Markaz’s from all over the Punjab Province rather than visiting that particular district or address for which Character Certificate is required. 

For example, a person who lived in Lahore and now he has moved to Islamabad permanently needs to obtain a Character Certificate from both cities. He will obtain a Character Certificate from Lahore until he lived there and he will obtain one from Islamabad after he was moved to Islamabad. The residential period will be clearly mentioned on both the Certificates obtained from Islamabad and Lahore.

What is The Purpose of Obtaining a Character Certificate (Police Clearance Certificate)?

Police Character Certificate: The purpose of obtaining a Police Clearance or Character Certificate is to check the criminal record by local police and issue a Character Certificate on which it should be mentioned whether the person was involved in any criminal activity or not. It is required by the different countries, especially European countries. It can be used for travel abroad, education, jobs, nationality, business, and immigration purposes. 

What Are Required Documents to Apply For a Police Character Certificate?

Character Certificate Requirements
Character Certificate Requirements
  • Original CNIC or B-form and photocopy (Attested)
  • Original Passport and copy of Passport (Attested)
  • Affidavit worth Rs.50/-
  • Authority Letter (If the applicant is abroad). An authority letter with the stamp of the relevant Embassy will be accepted, otherwise, it should be attested by two respectable persons who are known to the applicant. The duration of the applicant’s stay should also be mentioned in the authority letter.
  • Photograph (If the certificate of any blood relative is required)
  • If the applicant is out of the country, the form can be submitted by any blood relative (brother, father, mother, sister, etc.) with the authority letter of the applicant.
Police Character Certificate Affidavit
Police Character Certificate Affidavit

You can check the High Commission of Pakistan London’s website for these requirements.

What is the Processing Fee For a Police Character Certificate?

  • Rs.350. The fee can be deposited on one of the counters of PKM

What is Turn Around (Completion) Time For a Police Character Certificate?

  • 3 working days after the application date

What is The Delivery Mode of the Police Character Certificate?

  • Courier and by hand

How to Apply for a Police Character Certificate in 5 Simple Steps?

Police Khimat Markaz made this very easy to apply for and obtain a Character Certificate from the Punjab Police.

Applicant at Police Khidmat Markaz
  1. The applicant visits the nearest Police Khidmat Markaz branch with the required documents.
  2. Computer Operator at Police Khidmat Markaz will receive your documents and enter the data into the software. This data will be sent to the applicant’s concerned Police Station for verification.
  3. After the submission of documents computer operator at Police Khidmat Markaz gives a paper to the applicant to check his credentials whether they are entered correctly or need correction.
  4. Moharrar at Police Station checks the record of the applicant and the Front-Desk operator sends the data back to Police Khidmat Markaz in 24 hours.
  5. Incharge Police Khidmat Markaz receives the data and prints out the applicant’s Character Certificate and sends it to the applicant’s given address. This whole process takes up to 3 days.

How to Apply for a Police Character Certificate Online?

There is no such method introduced to apply for a Police Character Certificate online. An applicant needs to visit Police Khidmat Markaz in order to get his Character Certificate completed. But you can get an appointment through Police Khidmat Markaz’s mobile app to get your turn without waiting.

Where to Apply for a Police Character Certificate?

You can apply for a Character Certificate only in Police Khidmat Markaz but here is good news. You have more than 1 Police Khidmat Marakiz in your city. Police Khidmat Markaz is established and working in every tehsil and the main city almost in every district of Punjab Province. There is another facility available that is provided for you in the shape of Police Mobile Khidmat Marakiz in every district of Punjab. These mobile vehicles go in the rural areas or the areas that are far away from the city and people in these areas have difficulties coming to the city for Character Certificates. Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz provides every service that is being provided in Police Khidmat Markaz just at the applicant’s doorstep.

Police Khidmat Markaz
Police Khidmat Markaz
Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz
Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz

Who is Eligible for a Police Character Certificate?

Police Khidmat Markaz is issuing Police Clearance Certificates under the supervision of the CPO/DPO of the district. Anyone can obtain a Character Certificate even having a minor criminal record. People who have committed major crimes, are fugitives, and are already wanted in any nicotine criminal case by the Punjab Police cannot be issued a Character Certificate. Punjab Police takes serious action against such people and arrests them on the spot.

Receipt of Police Character Certificate

This is the image of the receipt for the Character Certificate given by the computer operator at Police Khidmat Markaz to the applicant for rechecking the entered data whether it’s correct or needs any correction.

Police Khidmat Markaz Receipt
Police Khidmat Markaz Receipt

Final Printout of Police Character Certificate

The given image is an outcome of the Character Certificate issued by the Police Khidmat Markaz. It also needs one stamp on it which is different for different districts.

Final Police Character Certificate
Final Police Character Certificate

Pro Tip

You can request the Incharge Police Khidmat Markaz to get your Police Character Certificate completed within few hours of submission or you can go to your concerned Police Station, request front-desk staff to complete the verification process and then go back to Police Khidmat Markaz to collect your Police Character Certificate. Attestation of documents is also not necessary.


The process of applying for a Police Character Certificate is made very simple nowadays after the establishment of Police Khidmat Markaz and Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz. Punjab Police has proved that they care about people, they are always and everywhere available to help the public in every situation. The method of applying for a Police Character Certificate is not rocket science, it’s a simple method to apply for Police Clearance or Character Certificate. The behavior of the Police has changed and it’s very friendly now.

Anyone can get a Police Clearance Certificate but people who are fugitive wanted, or have committed a serious crime are not eligible for a Police Character Certificate. Police have caught many criminals during the process of issuing a Character Certificate. After the submission of every form, the system at Police Khidmat Markaz indicates whether the person who is applying for a Character Certificate has a criminal record or not.