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Police Khidmat Markaz: 15+ Services Explained

Table of Contents

Police Khidmat Markaz Introduction

Police Khidmat Markaz Logo
Police Khidmat Markaz Logo

Punjab Police has set up resident help habitats known as Police Khidmat Markaz (PKM) in 36 Districts across Punjab (complete rundown of focuses alongside contact subtleties and areas accessible here). As innovation accomplices of Punjab police, Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has computerized the cycles and built up a coordinated and incorporated IT framework for these focuses to improve the general productivity.

Police Khidmat Markaz
Police Khidmat Markaz

The foundation of these Khidmat Marakiz with a concentrated IT framework has come about in:

  • Guaranteed turn-around time for citizens
  • Hassle free process
  • Respectable treatment with the citizens
  • Online Tracking of application
  • Citizen Feedback & Monitoring System
  • Delivery of issued documents through courier
  • Increase in revenue by ensuring transparency

Police Khidmat Markaz (PKM) Services

Police Khidmat Markaz is providing 12+ very important services to the general public in a single place by saving the headache and time of the public. The services are mentioned as follows:

  • Character Certificate
  • General Police Verification
  • Learner Driving License
  • Regular Driving License
  • Driving License Renewal
  • International Driving License
  • Duplicate Driving License
  • Endorsement of a License
  • Employee Registration
  • Tenants Registration
  • Vehicle Verification
  • Loss Report
  • Crime Reports
  • Women Violence Report
  • Copy of FIR
Police Khidmat Markaz Services
Police Khidmat Markaz Services

Police Khidmat Markaz Gallery from Different Districts

Police Khidmat Markaz Standees
Police Khidmat Markaz Standees
Police Khidmat Markaz Standees
Police Khidmat Markaz Standees
Police Khidmat Markaz
Police Khidmat Markaz
Police Khidmat Markaz
Police Khidmat Markaz
Police Khidmat Markaz
Police Khidmat Markaz
Police Khidmat Markaz
Police Khidmat Markaz

Police Khidmat Markaz(PKM) Global Services provided in Embassies

Police Khidmat Markaz Global Portal
Police Khidmat Markaz Global Portal

Police Khidmat Markaz was established back in 2017 and has grown more than expectations. Obtaining a Character Certificate was really hard, expensive, and time taking procedure before Global Portal. Global Portal takes only 3 days to provide a Character Certificate to the applicant. Before this time was 45 days.

Police Khidmat Markaz introduces its Global Services in 2020 which are as follows:

  • Character Certificate
  • General Police Verification
  • Tenant Registration
  • Crime Report
  • Copy of FIR
  • National Status Verification

You can apply for the above services by visiting the Embassy of your country. Here is the complete list of supported Embassies required documents and procedures for applying as well.

PKM Global Portal
PKM Global Portal

Police Khidmat Markaz Mobile App

Police Khidmat Markaz Mobile App provides you with all the information about applying, required documents, fees, and procedures. You can also book an appointment through this app to get hassle-free service. It provides you with locations of Police Khidmat Markaz, you can also track your documents and you can even verify whether your documents are issued by Police Khidmat Markaz or not. Click here to get an iOS version of the app.

This application provides you with the following services:

  1. List of 15 services with all details
  2. Online Booking Facility
  3. Application Tracking
  4. Document Verification (Checking the Authenticity of the documents issued)
  5. Punjab wide Center/Office Locations, timings and contact info.
PKM Android App
PKM Android App
PKM Android App
PKM Android App
PKM Android App
PKM Android App
PKM Android App
PKM Android App
PKM Android App
PKM Android App
PKM Android App

Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz (PMKM)

Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz (PMKM)
Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz

Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz provides you with all the services which are being provided in Police Khidmat Markaz. This was the best initiative taken by CM Punjab Usman Buzdar to provide services to the general public at their doorstep.

Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz (PMKM)
PMKM Outside View

Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz was introduced in February 2020 to expand the vision and scope of Police Khidmat Markaz.

PMKM Inside View
PMKM Inside View

Police Khidmat Counter (PKC)

The idea of Police Khidmat Counter came to mind after seeing the overwhelming response of the public for Police Khidmat Markaz. Police Khidmat Counter was an idea to help people by saving their time, lives, problems, and money.

December 8, 2018, was the date when Police Khidmat Counter was established across Punjab Province in hospitals. It was launched under Police Khidmat Markaz’s supervision.

In the latest development, Punjab police have set up Khidmat Counters in hospitals across the state. This initiative aims to make it easier for citizens about events and register data on the table. According to the SOP, the victim will provide a CNIC number on the Service desk. The officers who are there will provide protection to the victim after taking the photo.

The photo will be sent online to the desk in front of the affected police station and the police will start the trial. Later the case will be registered. Most of the residents use the facilities to obtain medical certificates and registered cases in relation to policies (according to CM, Punjab & IGP, Punjab vision). With the introduction of these statistics, the police intend to make it easier for victims to obtain medical certificates.

In this case, professional officers and police / professional staff have been appointed to serve the public in issuing health certificates. In the first stage, the Service count is set at the district level but is gradually calculated at the Tehsil headquarters.

Message from Inspector General of Police (Inam Ghani)

Message of Inam Ghani IGP Punjab
The message of Inam Ghani IGP Punjab

1. Character Certificate

Character Certificate or Police Character Certificate is required for traveling abroad, immigration, study abroad, jobs abroad, and nationality. Before the establishment of Police Khidmat Markaz obtaining a Police Character Certificate was a very difficult and time taking process not only for the general public but also for the police. Police Khidmat Markaz has made it simple and very time-efficient.

Character Certificate Requirements
Character Certificate Requirements

Citizens can apply for a Character Certificate from any Police Khidmat Markaz’s center from all over the Punjab Province rather than visiting that particular district or address for which Character Certificate is required. Here is the detailed information about How to Apply for Police Character Certificate?

Purpose of Police Character Certificate

Police Character Certificate: The purpose of obtaining a Police Clearance or Character Certificate is to check the criminal record by local police and issue a Character Certificate on which it should be mentioned that the person was involved in any criminal activity or not. It is required by the different countries, especially European countries. It can be used to travel abroad, education, jobs, nationality, business, and immigration purposes. 

2. General Police Verification

General Police Verification or Character Certificate are the same things but there’s a major difference between them is purpose. In simple words, if a person needs or required a Character Certificate for use within the country instead of going abroad is known as General Police Verification. 

General Police Verification Requirements
General Police Verification Requirements

Recently a new service has also been launched in February 2021. This service helps you to apply for General Police Verification or Employee Verification other than your residential district. This option was available for Character Certificate only but due to recent updates, anyone can apply for the General Police Verification for other districts as well.

Purpose of General Police Verification or Police Clearance Certificate 

The purpose of general police verification is to check the criminal record of a person whether he is involved or was involved in any kind of criminal activity or not.
General police verification is required by almost every department nowadays. Banks, offices, property dealers, sole proprietors, sale purchases, and cant pass also require general police verification.

3. Learning Driving License

Every person who requires Driving License and want’s to apply for it he/she needs a learning driving license first. The procedure of obtaining a driving license is not difficult but for every person who wants a computerized driving license, he/she needs to obtain a learning driving license.

This learning driving license is valid for 42 days after which a person can appear for a driving test and can obtain a computerized driving license if he/she passed the driving test. Learning driving license has an expiry date of 6 months if someone passed the driving test after 42 days his learning driving license will be converted to a computerized license.

If a person failed in the driving test he needs to wait for another 42 days to reappear in the test again. This process keeps repeating for 6 months. After six months applicant needs to renew his learner driving license and then reappear for a driving test. 


Purpose of Learning Driving License

The purpose of a learner’s driving license is to show that you have a learning driving license because you are in the learning phase of driving a vehicle.

You need to place a big sticker written “L” alphabet on the windscreen and the back screen of your vehicle. This “L” alphabet indicates that you are in a learning phase and do not expect you a good or experienced driver. Police also show politeness to new or learner drivers and give you fewer penalties.

Windscreen Learning Alhpabet
Windscreen Learning Alphabet
Back Screen Learning Alhpabet
Back Screen Learning Alphabet

Driving License Category in Pakistan

Before we discuss further you should know the driving license categories. In Pakistan, these are the different driving license categories:

  • Motorcar/jeep: motorcar/jeep driving license is valid for non-commercial vehicles.
  • Motorbike/rickshaw
  • LTV: light transport vehicle driving license is valid for commercial car/taxi, jeep, minibus, and lightweight transport.
  • HTV: Heavy transport vehicle driving license is valid for buses, trucks, trailers, cranes, and any type of heavy transport.
  • Tractor (agricultural)
  • Tractor (commercial)
  • PSV: public service vehicle
  • International driver’s permit

4. Regular Driving License

After 42 days of Learning Driving License issuance, the applicant needs to deposit the original learner licenses in his/her district’s licensing branch. The licensing branch will issue a new token for the driving test date.

If An applicant clears the driving test and passes the driving exam as well, he/she will be issued a Regular Driving License. A person who has Regular Driving License he/she doesn’t need to write the “L” letter on their vehicle.

Duplicate Driving License
Duplicate Driving License


Keep in mind that when an applicant clears/passes the driving test his Regular Driving License or Renewal of the Regular Driving License always issues from the Lahore district and delivered to the applicant through TCS all over Punjab Province.

Purpose of Regular Driving License

Police Khidmat Markaz is providing the service of issuing or handling the Regular Driving License. This license makes you get rid of your learner driving license and this is the license that is required by the Traffic Police for driving vehicles.

A learner driving license is just a starting step which is compulsory for everyone before applying for Regular Driving License. No one can get a Regular Driving License without obtaining a learning driving license.

After getting this license anyone is legally allowed to drive a vehicle in Pakistan. If someone is driving a vehicle without this license he/she can be fined or even imprisoned for his/her reckless driving.

5. Driving License Renewal

Police Khidmat Markaz without any doubt providing remarkable services to the general public. Driving license renewal is also one of them.

Driving License Renewal at Police Khidmat Markaz refers to Regular Driving License renewal. If a person learns the driving or passes the phase of learner driving license (period of 42 days) he then applies for Regular Driving License. The applicant just needs to deposit the learner license and clear the driving test in order to become eligible for Regular Driving License.

Driving License Renewal comes after the regular driving license is issued and expired. A regular Driving License has 5 years of time to expire in Pakistan.

Applicant can apply for renewal of his/her expired driving license by visiting Police Khidmat Markaz.

The process of driving license renewal is really simple and also easy to apply for it. The applicant must visit the nearest Police Khidmat Markaz or any licensing branch/office. Provide them with his expired driving license and paste the tickets on his application during applying at the time of renewal.

Tickets Placement for Driving License Renewal
Driving License Renewal Ticket Placement

Purpose of Driving License Renewal

The driving test is not compulsory for this purpose or process. After applying for driving license renewal, the applicant just needs to wait for 1 or 2 weeks and licensing authority sends the renewed driving license to the applicant’s address.

6. Other District Driving License Renewal

Another service is to renew the driving license which was obtained from other districts. For example, a person was living in Lahore and obtained his Regular Driving License and then he moves to another district. He doesn’t need to visit the Lahore district for renewal, he can apply it from his living district. The new Driving License will be delivered to him.

Purpose of Other District Driving License Renewal

Its purpose was to save people’s time, money and give them services in their home district. Another district renewal has been made very easy with the help of Police Khidmat Markaz.

7. International Driving License / Permit

Police Khidmat Markaz is making lives easy with amazing services. International Driving License is known as International Driving Permit in Pakistan. IDP (International Driving Permit) no longer gives international passes to foreign passport holders (W.R.T. – October 2019), only Pakistani passport holders can apply for this. Dual nationality is not allowed (only CNIC Pakistan, NO POC, NO NICOP). For more details visit FIA’s official site.

International Driving Permit
International Driving Permit
International Driving Permit
International Driving Permit

Purpose of International Driving License

International Driving License is required by the International Driving Authorities. This license is a necessity for all Overseas Pakistanis who drive the vehicle overseas.

One thing you should remember is Regular Driving License issued within Pakistan is not acceptable overseas until you have the international version of that license. Some of the countries even accept Regular Driving licenses. The main point is Pakistan doesn’t accept the driving licenses which are issued to Pakistanis overseas.

8. Duplicate Driving License

When it comes to the Duplicate Driving License service by Police Khidmat Markaz, it means you have lost your original or Regular Driving License. There is no other process to apply for a new one, you always need to apply for a duplicate because your record is already available in the driving license database and you can’t apply for a new one.

The process is not that complicated, you have to register a lost report at Police Khidmat Markaz or any Police Station in your area. You also need an affidavit (attested by the oath commissioner) with the signatures of the DSP licensing authority.

After completing this process you need to visit Police Khidmat Markaz and submit your documents with the required tickets there. You’ll get your Duplicate Driving License within 1 or 2 weeks through TCS.

You need tickets for a driving license whether it’s learner, regular or duplicate. You can buy the tickets from any Post Office in your area.

Duplicate Driving License
Duplicate Driving License

Remember: Tickets issued in 2021 will not be eligible for 2022 even though you have bought them on 31-Dec-2021 those are not acceptable on 1-Jan-2022.

Purpose of Duplicate Driving License

A duplicate Driving License is a necessity because there’s no other procedure to apply for a new Driving License. The Licensing Authority of the district is the main controller of license issuance, he has the License issuing authority within a district.

9. Endorsement of a License

This word (endorsement) must be new for some people but it refers to upgradation. Whenever you want to upgrade your license from non-commercial to commercial, LTV to HTV, or HTV to PSV you need an endorsement.

For example, you have a license of LTV and want to upgrade it to HTV, there’s no rule to apply for HTV directly. There’ll be the option of endorsement of license.

For this purpose, you need to visit Police Khidmat Markaz and submit the Regular Driving License you already have and tickets for the new license you want to apply for. You’ll get your new license within 1 or 2 weeks after applying.

Purpose of Endorsement of License

Its main purpose is to upgrade your driving license for a higher variant or heavy vehicle. If you are driving your personal car you don’t need to apply for a commercial license. If you are a professional driver and driving public transport or commercial vehicles you need to apply for a commercial LTV or HTV license.

Just in case you have a non-commercial license and you are driving a commercial vehicle, that is a crime. You need the endorsement of your license and upgrade to your required category.

10. Employee Registration

Before the establishment of Police Khidmat Markaz, Employee Registration was being done in Police Station.

If a person employs workers, domestic helpers, or other workers he has, he must register them with the police so that the police have information about those who live in the area. The registration process is simplified and can be done by visiting any PCM. This will help citizens and the police to find out all the criminal records of potential employees.

Purpose of Employee Registration

The process of Employee Registration makes you tension-free and gives you extra protection in case of theft, crime, and criminal activities from your employee. If you have registered your employee through Police Khidmat Markaz or Police Station, Punjab Police gives you protection.

If you have not registered the employee and you have faced any fraudulent or criminal activity by your employee, it will be difficult for the Police to trace the accused. So it’s better to register every employee you hire for a job.

11. Tenants Registration

You can perform Tenant Registration at Police Khidmat Markaz as well as your concerned Police Station. According to THE PUNJAB INFORMATION OF TEMPORARY RESIDENTS ACT 2015, whenever a house or hostel is rented, the real estate owner/tenant/agent must register data (owner, property, tenant information) with the relevant police station for registration. Registration can be done by visiting the police station in charge or the nearest Police Khidmat Markaz. After successful registration, the host provides a certificate to the resident which he can use to avoid harassment during the search.

Tenant Registration
Tenant Registration
Tenant Registration
Tenant Registration

Here is the complete guide you can perform Tenant Registration online or at Police Khidmat Markaz or in Police Station. Click here to see

Purpose of Tenant Registration

Tenant Registration is compulsory, it is imposed by the government and being implemented by the Punjab Police. If you are not doing so, you commit the crime. This was imposed by the Government in 2015 due to a drastic increase in terrorist activities. Terrorists were hiding as tenants and doing terrorist activities in the country. To prevent those activities Government of Pakistan decided bound owners and tenants for Tenant Registration.

12. Vehicle Verification

One of the best and unique services of Police Khidmat Markaz is Vehicle Verification because there is no other office or Police Station is providing this service.

Almost every person buys or sells used bikes, cars, rickshaws, and other vehicles. What is the surety for a buyer that the vehicle is not stolen or used in any criminal activity? Here comes the answer, Vehicle Verification provides you the surety.

Buying and selling vehicles were a difficult process, especially for buyers. There was always risk about buying the vehicles whether it’s stolen or used in criminal cases/activity.

Police Khidmat Markaz solved the problem and introduces a Vehicle Verification service for you. This process takes up to 20 minutes and provides a clearance certificate about the vehicle that whether this vehicle is required in any criminal case or not.

If a vehicle is clear and does not require any criminal activity or case, you are provided a clearance certificate that can be used in the future. No one will make you feel uncomfortable if have this clearance certificate.

If a vehicle is required and wanted in stolen or any other criminal activity, Police Officials at Police Khidmat Markaz seized the vehicle and handed it over to a Police Station where its FIR was registered.

Vehicle Verification
Vehicle Verification

Purpose of Vehicle Verification

Vehicle Verification makes you tension-free about the criminal involvement of the vehicle and stolen. This process is not free there is a fee for this purpose. The bike requires 300/- Rs and all other vehicles require 1000/- Rs to obtain this clearance certificate.

13. Loss Report

Loss Report can be registered in Police Station but its easy way was introduced in Police Khidmat Markaz. You can register a loss report of your documents, id card, wallet, or any other things which are lost.

This Loss Report is free to report and requires a very short time of 10 to 15 minutes. Police Khidmat Markaz provides a lost report slip after reporting your lost things in their system.

Loss Report Registered at PKM
Loss Report Registered at PKM

Purpose of Loss Report

In some circumstances, Loss Report is a compulsory process. For example, you have lost your ID Card and you want to apply for a new one, it requires a Loss Report and Loss Report Slip to present in the NADRA office to get a new ID Card.

Duplicate Driving License and Duplicate Learner Driving License also required this Loss Report.

There are other circumstances for which this report is compulsory. For example, you have lost your id card or any other document or mobile which may be found later from a criminal area or used for a criminal purpose. If you have registered the Loss Report you will not be questioned, but if you did not report then you can be in big trouble.

14. Crime Report

Crime Report is not much different than Loss Report at Police Khidmat Markaz. You can report any crime in Police Khidmat Markaz as you can report to your concerned Police Station.

Personal Suggestion:

You should never report a crime at Police Khidmat Markaz. Its reason is when you report a crime at Police Khidmat Markaz they forward it to your concerned Police Station. Further process of this crime’s investigation is in Police Station. You cannot follow the investigation properly because whenever you go to Police Khidmat Markaz they would refer you to the Police Station and if you go to Police Station they will refer you to Police Khidmat Markaz because you have reported the crime at Police Khidmat Markaz.

If you want to report a crime you should always choose Police Station. Go directly to your nearest Police Station and report a crime. This way you can follow and Police Officials can investigate properly.

Purpose of Crime Report

The purpose of the Crime Report is to get justice and catch the culprit who was involved in the crime. Crime Reporting is compulsory in order to catch your accused person.

You can report a crime if are a victim, but you can also report a crime if you are an eyewitness of any crime or criminal activity. If you hide any criminal activity or crime deliberately, you are also a criminal in the eyes of the Police.

15. Women Violence Report

Police Khidmat Markaz offers the possibility of obtaining legal assistance and reporting cases of violence against women who are assigned to the female police who are responsible. Once the report is made, the appointed police investigator will respond accordingly.

Another suggestion for everyone is to report women’s violence in Police stations directly in order to get fast proceedings and quick justice. The process of Police Khidmat Markaz is not very good in some of the districts.

Purpose of Women’s Violence Report

Women have many rights now as compared to the past 10 years. They can even register a criminal or violence report against their husband. The purpose of this report is to give women the right of living freely. In the past women were unable to get justice even they were victims of violence in some cases brutally violent.

A husband can not do second marriage without the permission of his first wife. A woman is no longer bound to cook for his husband and she has a right to go outside of the house freely as she wants.

Click here to see all the women’s rights in Pakistan.

16. Copy of FIR

Last but not least service of Police Khidmat Markaz is a Copy of the FIR. As Vehicle Verification made Police Khidmat Markaz outstanding, the copy of FIR has also contributed the same.

Before Police Khidmat Markaz, a copy of an FIR was a headache and a painful process to get one. Legally a Police Station where FIR got registered is responsible to provide copies to the victim, accused, and their own copy but practically they don’t do so. They don’t distribute the FIR copies, because they provide these copies to the victim and accused of money (bribe).

Any person with an application and his NIC copy can get a copy of the FIR from Police Khidmat Markaz. The best of this service is Police Khidmat Markaz not only provides you with a copy of the FIR registered in your own district it also provides you the copy of the FIR of the whole Punjab Province (36 districts).

You can apply for an FIR copy registered in Lahore by sitting in Multan. You can apply for Police Character Certificate for other districts by sitting in different districts. It only requires 5 minutes to complete and provides you with the Copy of the FIR.

Copy of FIR

Purpose of FIR Copy

Copy of FIR is mandatory for hearing proceedings in the court. You can get the FIR copy from Police Station also but in most cases, they ask you to pay for it which is not legal.

A victim needs an FIR copy and an accused is also needed it to apply for bail in the court.

Police Khidmat Markaz Timing

All over Punjab in 36 Districts the timing of Police Khidmat Markaz is 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Even some of the Districts are open on Sundays for some time. Some of the Districts are doing half-day on Fridays.

Police Khidmat Markaz Processed Applications

Processed Applications Till 17-02-2021

Police Khidmat Markaz Stats Till 15-10-2020

Following are the stats for all the Punjab Province till 15-10-2020:

Police Khidmat Markaz Stats Till 15-10-2020
Police Khidmat Markaz Stats Till 15-10-2020
Police Khidmat Markaz Stats Till 15-10-2020
Police Khidmat Markaz Stats Till 15-10-2020
Police Khidmat Markaz Stats Till 15-10-2020
Police Khidmat Markaz Stats Till 15-10-2020
Police Khidmat Markaz Stats Till 15-10-2020
Police Khidmat Markaz Stats Till 15-10-2020

Contact Detail of All Police Khidmat Marakiz in Punjab Province

Following are the phone number, address, and emails: (source)

Phone Number
Police Khidmat Markaz Attock
PKM, Near General Bus Stand, Attock
Police Khidmat Markaz Bahawalnagar
PKM, Near Thana City A Division, Bahawalnagar
Police Khidmat Markaz Bahawalpur
PKM Saraiky chowk, Cantt Bahawalpur
Police Khidmat Markaz Bhakkar
PKM, DPO Office, Kacheri Road, Bhakkar
Police Khidmat Markaz Chakwal
PKM, Ishara Chowk (Old 15 Chowk), Talagang Road, Chakwal City
Police Khidmat Markaz Chiniot
PKM, Near Lari Adda(Bus Stand), Sargodha Road, Chiniot
Police Khidmat Markaz DG Khan
PKM, Near Police Station Civil Line, Dera Ghazi Khan
Police Khidmat Markaz Faisalabad
PKM, Rescue 15, Opposite Main Gate Agriculture University Faisalabad, Jail Road, Faisalabad
Police Khidmat Markaz Gujranwala
PKM, Ashraf Marth Shaheed Police Lines, Gujranwala
Police Khidmat Markaz Gujrat
PKM, Near Police Line, Gujrat
Police Khidmat Markaz Hafizabad
PKM, Near Fawara Chowk, In front of New Police Station, Hafizabad
Police Khidmat Markaz Jhang
PKM, Opposite of Main Gate, District Jail, Jhang
Police Khidmat Markaz Jhelum
PKM, Near City Police Station, Adjacent to traffic office, Jada Road, Jhelum
Police Khidmat Markaz Kasur
PKM, DPO office, District Kasur
Police Khidmat Markaz Khanewal
Police khidmat markaz, Near Police Station, Katchery Road, Khanewal
Police Khidmat Markaz Khushab
PKM, Citizen’s Facilitation Centre, Opposite Baghdadi Masjid, Quaidabad
Police Khidmat Markaz Lahore
PKM, Near Liberty parking area exit point, Gulberg 3, Lahore
PKM, DIG Operations Office, Lahore
PKM, Moon market, Iqbal town, Lahore
PKM, Hall road near Reagal chowk bus stop, Lahore
PKM, Peer Makki under metro pull, Lahore
Police Khidmat Markaz Layyah
PKM, DPO Office, Near District Kachahri, Karor Road, Layyah
Police Khidmat Markaz Lodhran
PKM, Rescue 15 Office, Saddar chowk, Main Bahawalpur Multan Road, Lodhran
Police Khidmat Markaz Mandi Bahauddin
PKM, DPO Office, District Complex, Mandi Bahauddin
Police Khidmat Markaz Mianwali
PKM, Jahaz Chok, Mianwali
DI Khan Road, Chashma, Mianwali

Police Khidmat Markaz Multan
PKM, Police 15 Center, Qilla Kohna Qsim Bagh, Multan
Police Khidmat Markaz Muzzafargarh
PKM, Near Police Station, D.G.Khan Road, Muzaffargarh
Police Khidmat Markaz Nankana Sahib
PKM, Rescue 15 Office, Near Bus stand, Nankana Sahib
Police Khidmat Markaz Narowal
PKM, Near old D.C.O house, Main Circular Road, Narowal
Police Khidmat Markaz Okara
PKM, Traffic Head Quarter, Near Sanam Cinema, M.A Jinnah Road, Okara
Police Khidmat Markaz Pakpattan
PKM, DPO office, Pakpattan
Police Khidmat Markaz Rahim Yar Khan
PKM, DPO office, Near District Court, Rahim yar khan
Police Khidmat Markaz Rajanpur
PKM, Nearby Police Station Sadar, Rajanpur
Police Khidmat Markaz Rawalpindi
PKM, Rescue 15 office, Liaqat Bagh Metro Station, Murree Road, Rawalpindi
Police Khidmat Markaz Sahiwal
PKM, Inside DPO office, Near district courts, Sahiwal
Police Khidmat Markaz Sargodha
Jail Road Sargodha
Police Khidmat Markaz Sialkot
PKM, Police Lines, Sialkot
Police Khidmat Markaz Toba Tek Singh
PKM, DPO Office, District Office Complex, Toba Tek Singh
Police Khidmat Markaz Vehari
DPO Office Vehari City

Person Behind Police Khidmat Markaz’s Idea

There are very few people who know the real mastermind behind this outstanding idea of Police Khidmat Markaz. Sultan Azam Temuri was the real mastermind who fulfils his dream of establishing Police Khidmat Markaz. It was started from Multan when Sultan Azam Temuri was the Regional Police Officer of Multan District.

Sultan Azam Temuri Current IG Islamabad
Sultan Azam Temuri Current IG Islamabad

Sultan Azam Temuri not only implemented the idea in Multan but he worked hard, made hard efforts, and started the Police Khidmat Markaz all over Punjab. His words were so remarkable when he started first Police Khidmat Markaz in Multan. His words were:

As the Regional Police Officer Multan, I am pleased to have the opportunity of introducing to you our latest effort “Police Khidmat Markaz” (Police
Service Center) Multan. This service center adheres to Multan Range’s Core Values:-

A visit to Police Khidmat Markaz Multan shall let the citizen avail the various services, at a single location.
Sultan Azam Temuri
Regional Police Officer


Initially, Police Khidmat Markaz was established for the Multan district only but its overwhelming crowd and public’s good response made it go wider. Police Khidmat Markaz was established in early 2017’s in Multan district and till the end of 2017, it was established in most of the districts in Punjab Province.

There were fewer services introduced in the beginning but as it was grown with time, the services were added like International Driving License issuance, Other District License Renewal e.t.c.

In 2020 it became very popular and demanding because the regular behavior of the Police were different, polite, and welcoming. In 2020 its application was launched for Android and iOS, Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz was launched, Police Khidmat Counter and Police Khidmat Markaz Global Portal was also launched.

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