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Job Announcement for Punjab Police: P Cadet Opportunities

In a remarkable development for the career advancement of Constables, Head Constables, and ASIs in the Punjab Police, the approval of the P Cadet Scheme has opened new avenues for departmental promotions. This strategic move, spearheaded by the Inspector General (IG) Punjab, brings forth exciting opportunities for serving personnel to climb the career ladder. The Punjab Public Service Commission’s involvement in conducting the P Cadet exam adds a structured and standardized dimension to the recruitment process.

The P Cadet Scheme Unveiled

Scheme Approval for Career Ascension

The nod for the P Cadet Scheme marks a pivotal moment for the Punjab Police force. Aimed at facilitating departmental promotions, this scheme specifically targets Constables, Head Constables, and ASIs, offering them a pathway for professional growth within the organization.

IG Punjab’s Proactive Step

The proactive approach of the Inspector General of Punjab is evident as a formal letter has been dispatched to the Punjab Public Service Commission, paving the way for the initiation of the P Cadet exam. This not only demonstrates a commitment to internal career development but also streamlines the process for aspiring candidates.

Good News for Punjab Police Constables, Head Constables and ASIs P Cadets Jobs Announcing Soon
P Cadets Jobs Announcing Soon

Examining the Opportunities

Allocation of Seats

Under the P Cadet Scheme, a substantial number of seats are allocated for different ranks. For ASIs, there are 1010 seats, providing a broad scope for career progression. Similarly, Head Constables and ASIs have 438 seats earmarked for the Sub Inspector position. This allocation ensures a fair distribution of opportunities across various roles.

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In-Service Eligibility

The beauty of the P Cadet Scheme lies in its inclusivity. Serving constables and head constables of the Punjab Police are deemed eligible to take the exam for the 1010 ASI seats. Likewise, in-service Head Constables and ASIs can vie for the 438 Sub Inspector seats. This inclusive approach opens doors for those already committed to the force.

Pathway to Progress

Filling Positions through P Cadet Examination

An impactful decision accompanies the P Cadet Scheme – all Sub-Inspector and ASI positions will be exclusively filled through the P Cadet Examination from the pool of existing personnel. This not only streamlines the recruitment process but also underscores the importance of internal talent and commitment.


The approval of the P Cadet Scheme for departmental promotions in the Punjab Police heralds a new era of opportunities. With a focus on inclusivity and career advancement, this initiative ensures that the dedicated constables, head constables, and ASIs within the force have a clear pathway for progress. The collaboration with the Punjab Public Service Commission adds a layer of transparency and efficiency to the recruitment process, promising a brighter future for those who serve on the front lines of law enforcement.

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