Revolutionary E Driving License Launched in Pakistan
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Revolutionary E Driving License Launched in Pakistan

Punjab Police has recently launched an E Driving License service for residents of Punjab province. This initiative was suggested and implemented by the Inspector General of Police, Dr. Usman Anwar. The introduction of an E Driving License is a commendable step towards modernization and facilitating the citizens of Pakistan. The aim of this initiative is to overcome the cumbersome process of printing and delivering physical driving licenses.

How to Apply for an E-Driving License?

  1. Go to website.
  2. Go to the ‘License Information Tab’ and select ‘E-License
  3. Enter your ‘CNIC number’ and select your ‘Date of Birth’.
  4. Check the box ‘I’m not a robot’ and click on ‘Verify’.
  5. Download your E-Driving License in ‘PDF Format’.
How to Apply for E Driving License

Who Can Apply for an E Driving License?

To obtain an E Driving License, one must have already passed their driving test. If someone has applied for a learner driving license or is in the process of applying for a new driving license, they cannot be issued an E Driving License until they have passed their driving test. After passing the driving test, an individual can apply for an E-Driving License without waiting for the original/physical driving license to be delivered to their doorstep.

What is the Format of E Driving License?

The E-Driving License is issued in PDF format that can be stored on your phone. You can present it to traffic police when required, and they can verify it by scanning the QR code printed on it. It is an acceptable form of documentation.

Revolutionary E Driving License Launched in Pakistan
Revolutionary E Driving License Launched in Pakistan

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The Inspector General of Police Punjab’s Vision

According to Dr. Usman Anwar, the Inspector General of Police Punjab, more than 3 million people received new driving licenses in 2023, indicating the success of the new licensing system. Previously, there were only 45 locations in Punjab to obtain a license, but this number has now increased to 200, making it easier for people to apply for one.

Benefits of E-Driving License

How to Apply for E Driving License

The electronic driving license (e-license) is a digital version of the traditional paper driving license. It is issued by the government of Pakistan and is stored in a secure database. The e-license has several benefits over the traditional paper license, including:

  • Convenience: The e-license can be accessed and used on a mobile phone or other digital device, so you don’t have to carry around a physical copy.
  • Security: The e-license is more secure than the paper license because it is stored in a digital database that is protected by encryption.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The e-license is more cost-effective to produce and maintain than the paper license.
  • Efficiency: The e-license can be processed and issued more quickly than the paper license.
  • Transparency: The e-license system is more transparent than the paper license system, as all transactions are recorded in the digital database.

The shift towards e-driving licenses is a big step towards tackling various issues related to licensing. It offers the possibility to decrease corruption and prevent the issuance of counterfeit licenses, leading to an improvement in road safety. Punjab Police aims to create a more transparent and efficient system that benefits all citizens by simplifying the application and renewal processes.

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Despite the positive changes, there are still some challenges that need to be addressed. Recently, the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) uncovered a network that was involved in issuing more than 27,000 fake driving licenses over a period of three years. The suspects charged individuals between 4,000 to 10,000 rupees for each fake license and even used a counterfeit website to verify them. The FIA’s investigation has emphasized the need for continued vigilance and efforts to combat fraudulent activities in the realm of driving licenses.


The implementation of e-driving licenses in Punjab marks a major milestone in upgrading administrative procedures and promoting road safety. As the system evolves, it is anticipated to foster a more streamlined and transparent framework for acquiring and renewing driving licenses, ultimately benefiting the citizens of Pakistan. Any spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors have been corrected.

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