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General Police Verification for Pakistan

What is General Police Verification?

General Police Verification is a form of  Character Certificate that also called Employee Verification but there’s a difference between them which is purpose. In simple words, if a person needs or required a Character Certificate for use within the country instead of going abroad is known as General Police Verification. 

What is The Purpose of General Police Verification or Police Clearance Certificate?

The purpose of general police verification is to check the criminal record of a person whether he is involved or was involved in any kind of criminal activity or not.

General police verification is required by almost every department nowadays. Banks, offices, property dealers, sole proprietors, sale purchase, and the army’s Cantt Pass also requires general police verification.

What Are Required Documents To Apply For General Police Verification?

  • Original CNIC or B-Form and attested photocopy
  • Affidavit worth Rs.50/-
  • 2 Photographs (passport size)
  • If applicant is out of city or cannot appear to apply for General Police Verification his/her blood relatives can apply on his/her behalf.
Affidavit of Rs 50 required for submission

Complete list of required documents.

What is Processing Fee For General Police Verification?

  • Rs.150. The fee can be deposited on one of the counters of PKM

What is Turn Around (Completion Time)

  • 3 working days after application date

What is Delivery Mode of General Police Verification?

  • Courier and by hand

How to Apply?

Police Khimat Markaz simplified the process of General Police Verification or Character Certificate or Police Clearance Certificate or Police Character Certificate.

  1. The applicant visits the nearest Police Khidmat Markaz branch with the required documents.
  2. Computer Operator at Police Khidmat Markaz receives your documents and enter the data into the software. This data will be sent to the applicant’s concerned Police Station for verification.
  3. After the submission of documents computer operator at Police Khidmat Markaz gives a paper to the applicant to check his credentials whether they are entered correct or need correction.
  4. Moharrar at Police Station checks the record of the applicant and the Front-Desk operator sends the data back to Police Khidmat Markaz in 24 hours.
  5. Incharge Police Khidmat Markaz receives the data and prints out the applicant’s Character Certificate and sends it to the applicant’s given address. This whole process takes up to 3 days.

Reciept of GPV

This is the image of receipt of GPV (Police Character Certificate or Employee Verification) given by the computer operator at Police Khidmat Markaz to the applicant for rechecking the entered data whether it’s correct or needs any correction. This receipt looks similar to Character Certificate’s receipt but if you look closely it has less information and is slightly different.

general police verification receipt

Final Outcome of General Police Verification

The given image is a final outcome of the GPV or Police Report issued by the Police Khidmat Markaz. It also needs one stamp on it which is different for different districts.

General Police Verification Character Certificate Final Outcome


Police Khidmat Markaz is helping the general public to make their life very easy by providing premium and hassle-free services. This verification is a necessary step before getting a job. This process is not only necessary for a new job but people are applying for this service when they have to sell the property or enter into cantonment area. The process of this service is simple and easy to apply.

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